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HH Asaf Jah VI

Born 17 August 1866
Purani Haveli, Hyderabad, Hyderabad State, British Indian Empire
(now in Telangana State, India)

Nawab Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Bahadur was the youngest Asaf Jah ruler when installed on the masnad at the tender age of 2 years and 7 months by his co-regents, Sir Salar Jung I and Shams-ul-Umara III.

He assumed sovereign rights in 1885 at the age of 17, and issued a generous farman to his 10 million subjects –

‘..nothing will afford me greater pleasure than to see my people living in peace and prosperity, engaged in the development of resources of wealth and in the acquisition of knowledge and cultivation of the arts and sciences.”

Living up to his name, the sixth Nizam opened up his Palaces as shelters for Hyderabad after the catastrophic floods left a quarter of the city’s population homeless. He ensured the kitchens were working around the clock to feed the afflicted, and contributed generously to the relief fund.

Hyderabad prospered greatly during his reign. The Nizam propounded good primary schools and education for women. Medical training and research achieved high standards of excellence, and chloroform was confirmed to be a safe anaesthetic agent at the Afzalgunj Hospital. Railways were developed; and new irrigation works, cotton mills, silk factories, oil and flour mills were established at Hyderabad, Gulbarga and Aurangabad.

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