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Welcome To Chowmahalla

A wonder of the past; a present-day splendour

Situated in a secluded corner of Motigalli, in Hyderabad’s bustling Old City, the Chowmahalla Palace offers visitors a peek into the luxurious lifestyles of the Nizams.

The Chowmahalla Palace is among the greatest legacies of the Nizams, who were passionate and dedicated patrons of arts, architecture and science. In its heyday, the Palace was the seat of invincible power and tremendous opulence.

Today, the Chowmahalla Palace stands as a tribute to the architectural and aesthetic brilliance of the Nizams; as a monument to the rich history of Hyderabad. It is open to visitors throughout the year.

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oundation 1751

“..The Nizam would…ascend the marble steps of the takth and take his seat near the front of the dais on the yellow masned, unadorned, in consonance with the austere nature of the founder Nizam-ul Mulk..”

All About
The Chowmahalla Palace

Take a stroll down the hallowed halls of history

The legacy of the Nizams finds a home in Hyderabad. With Chowmahalla Palace serving multiple purposes, perhaps few other places holds such depth of history.

Heart Of The Palace

A grand, elegant palace,
the new Khilwat
Mubarak was built by the
Nizam VII between 1912-16.

Treasures of the Palace

From a stunning armoury to a breath-taking collection of books and documents, Chowmahalla Palace is full of treasures.

The Legacy

Not just a palace,
Chowmahalla is a vessel
of stories and a
legacy spanning decades
and generations.

The Royal Family

The glorious reign of the Nizams started in 1724 A.D. with Nizam ul Mulk Asaf Jah I, and it was in 1948 that HEH Mir Osman Ali Khan Asaf Jah VII, merged Hyderabad with the Union of India.

Your Chowmahalla

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Around Chowmahalla

Hungry for more? Just beyond the gates
of the Palace lay more treasures
of Hyderabad.

Tales From The Palace

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Tidbits From The History Of The Palace

While the construction of Khilwat Mubarak was underway from 1912 – ...

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The Chowmahalla

  The previous darbar hall at the Chowmahalla Complex was used ...

“Khilwat is a mysterious blend of Turkish, Iranian, Qutb Shahi and Mughal influences and styles…”

Behold – the stunning Chowmahalla!

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