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HH Asaf Jah IV

Born Mir Farqunda Ali Khan Siddiqi 25 April 1794 Bidar
Died 16 May 1857 (aged 63)
Reign 24 May 1829, at Chowmahalla Palace – 16 May 1857

Nawab Mir Farkhunda Ali Khan Bahadur, commonly known as Nasir ud-Daula, inherited a troubled state in 1829. Multiple natural calamities and mounting debts forced him to cede Berar and other border districts to the British.

With the guidance of Prime Ministers Siraj ul Mulk and Mir Turab Ali Khan Salar Jung I, the Nizam implemented a modern and just system of revenue administration. He steered the State through a critical time, bringing about civic prosperity with new schools, commercial centres, churches and bridges.

In 1856, Hyderabad became the first princely State to ban the practice of Sati.

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