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02 Oct

Born 20 August 1671 – Agra, Mughal India
Died 1 June 1748 (age 76) – Burhanpur
Reign 31 July 1724 – 1 June 1748

Nawab Mir Barakat Ali Khan Bahadur Mukarram Jah was born in Nice, France in 1933, and is the last crowned Asaf Jah.

Chosen to be the successor by his grandfather Mir Osman Ali Khan, the eighth Nizam received the best possible education while in India, and was later sent to England in 1948. There, he finished his schooling and joined the Sandhurst Military Academy for training; after which, he started learning road and bridge construction and mechanical engineering in the Royal Territorial Engineering Corps.

Once back in India, he founded the Mukarram Jah Trust for Education and Learning in 1971. Among his achievements are the foundation of The Mukarram Jah School, the Princess Esra Hospital, and the complete restoration of the Chowmahalla Palace.

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